String instruments atelier Avdic – Atelje gudačkih instrumenata Avdić

A family tradition that we have nurtured for decades. We build, manufacture, restore and exchange old for newly built instruments. We build copies of models of violins, violas and cellos exclusively from unique Bosnian maple, which has been dried in a natural and proper way. We build according to your wishes, according to your choice of wood and your desired color. We carry out alterations, cleaning of old varnish and re-varnishing. We do polishing of instruments. We do setup and repair of lowering doors and keels. Replacement of old worn out parts with new ones. We install fine tuners. We replace wires. We sharpen bows of all sizes

We sell: wooden and carbon bows, strings for violin, viola and cello, chives for all sizes, fine tuners for all sizes, chords or wire ropes, finger-grips, keels, heads, button-endpins, strings, chin rests, rosin, cases and suitcases, shoulder bag

Atelier Avdić for making and restoring stringed instruments is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the city on a grain of salt, Tuzla.